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Thread: I need a quicker way to do something, this will take days.

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    Default I need a quicker way to do something, this will take days.

    Help! I need a quicker way to do something, this will take days.

    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 to create a music video and in my video I am using the glow effect to make stars in my video flash on every beat in the song. I have used the split tool to cut a line right before every beat in the video, which already took hours and now I want to apply the same glow effect and key frame setup to all of these segments, at once. I don't know how to do this or if it is even possible. I found that I can apply the same effect to all clips easily enough but the all end up with only the one key frame, I then need to manually put the second key frame into each individual segment and since there are about 600+ of these segments, it's at this rate going to take days to finish.

    I tried shift selecting all the clips and going into effect, but then the key frame bar applys to the entire selection as if it was one clip.

    If I could just automatically apply the same identical effect and key frame setup to all 600+ segments at once it will turn a several day job into a few seconds. I hope I have explained this well enough as I don't know if I have used the right terminology, segment, clip, split. I'm not sure what to call them. Please post if you can help or if you need me to explain it better. Thanks.

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    Dunno if I'm reading this right, but isn't it just 'copy' the clip with the glow, then select all the clips you want by shift/select then right click 'paste attributes'?

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    Yeah thanks that was it. I didn't know about the paste attributes or what it was for.

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