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Thread: urgent need of motion graphic video editor

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    Default urgent need of motion graphic video editor

    hello all,
    we are a small event company here in manchester.we have an upcoming event which we want to promote with a short video of about 1minuite 30 seconds.we need a motion graphic video editor to do the job for us.

    it will not involve any shooting.we have a few footages and images and motion graphics that you can simply mix together quickly

    we need someone that can complete the job over the weekend as we need to start promoting the event soon.

    pls get in touch immediately if you are available.

    even if you are not based in manchester,you can still contact us since we have all the footages in file format which can be sent online as well

    we have been searching all over but every one seems to be so busy for a few weeks.

    thank you

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    Default Video Editing work

    Dear sir,
    I am free and can work for you. I work with Adobe Premiere. My mail and Phone- +91-9178429839 from INDIA.

    Subrata Ghosal.

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    i can do this for you guys contact me at
    i have experience in Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop

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    hello mate, I can do this for you, below is my showreel with some of my work. Let me know if your interested, my email address is


    Martin Chapman

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    If it's simply mixing / timeline editing that you need, I specialise in digital film editing.
    I'm also free over the next few weeks.

    Here's my email:


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    Avail of my services for Motion graphics : contact: See my portfolio on Youtube
    YouTube - beautiandthebeast001's Channel

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