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Thread: Sony A/V camera port to 1394 cable?

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    Default Sony A/V camera port to 1394 cable?

    Is there such a thing as a Sony A/V camcorder port (about the size of a 1394 port but rounded) to a 4 pin iLink/1394 port on a laptop. I have looked all over the Net and I can't find a cable to match this combination. Seems like the Sony port is non-standard and they don't sell a cable to match it on their site?

    The camera is a Sony Handycam HDR-SR11 Camcorder and I am trying to go to a standard 4-pin 1394/iLink port on a laptop.



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    The camera from what I can see in the manual is a HDD and memory card device, they do not normally have a Fire Wire connection, you need to use the USB port to get the video (data) on the laptop

    The connector you are referring to is for the output of analogue signals to view on a TV, normally

    See page 18 of the Manual

    User manual

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    I am having no problems retrieving video using the USB port.

    I am wanting to use this camera to broadcast on and in a uStream forum they list this camera as being one that is able to do that. I don't think it will work using USB (I have tried) but I they imply you need to hook it to a 1394/iLink port, so I was wanting to try that.

    I was speculating that the only way to hook it to a 1394 port was to use the A/V port that is next to the USB port on the camera, so I was looking for a cable that would allow me to do that.

    Thanks for thinking about this for me.


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    The camera has HDMI Out on it as well. Has anyone gone from HDMI out on a camera to a 1394 on a laptop?

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