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    Firstly, I apologize for asking what i'm sure has been asked many times.

    Here's the scoop. I have captured a concert that I taped off the tele wy back in 1988. It's a G'N'R concert and there are commercials included.

    Here's the story board. I would like to have the dvd menu load up with a scroll in animated clip in a center window ie: background with center window displaying a short clip ("Tonight, live it's G'N'R"). At the bottom of the screen i would like selection menus. 1 - a scene selection menu that brings us to a background where you can skip to each song, 2 - a play all selection, 3 - a bonus features selection that bring to a menu where you could select each commercial individually just to see what the commercials were like in 1988

    Keep in mind that currently my clip is in mpeg-2 format and is one huge clip. From what i've been reading it seems i may have been better off to capture each song individually. I would like to use Premiere to build the DVD ie: author and Encore to build the backgrounds and menus.

    Firstly though, i suspect i have to break up the mpeg to individual clips. Can someone please give me a quick run down of what i shpould do (process only, i don't expect anyone to show me hpow to use the software) and perhaps post links to similar articles or related articles on the forum that might help me.

    I won't pretend that i know anything about this, because the fact is that all i know how to do , is capture. I guess everyone has to start somewhere right? Many thanksin advance for any help i receive. BTW, would gladly share the title once i've finished it with anyone who has helped me out.

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    You said you want a scene selection option. To implement this, as on a holywood DVD you buy to select a chapter and play from there, then there is no need to split your clip up into individual songs. However, if what you really mean is that you want options to play individual songs and then return to the main menu then, yes, you will need to split the clip up into component songs.

    I've never tried to work with an MPEG2 file so not sure of the best tool to split it up. Others here will help you on that though.

    As for how to build the menus themselves, once you have the individual clips to hand then, I'm afraid, it's just a simple case of RTFM for your particular DVD mastering s/w but work along the lines of....

    Build your opening animation. in your DVD s/w create a timeline for each clip, including the opening animation. Build the required menus and link to the appropriate chapters etc. Set the timeline for your opening animation to 'first play' and at end let it drop into your main menu.


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    Thanks for the info. I actually watched those tutorials that old wrinkly mentioned and it looks like Encore will be my drug of choice for building the menus and final authoring.

    Now all I need to do is figure out how to split my clip into several using Premiere Pro because, although playing from a song to next without returning to the main menu is acceptable, it won't be acceptable when it comes to the special features.

    The way I see it, i have 3 unsolved mysteries: breaking my 1 clip into several smaller clips, animated scroll in menu (perhaps a job for After Effects?), and multiple menus. The most important being the breaking of clips. The other stuff is just a matter of reading up on the forums and other online resources. The editing however becomes slightly confusing since i'm not too hip with the lingo yet.

    Anyways, thaks for your help. It is indeed appreciated. Hopefully others will chime in with links to resources explaining how to chop my clip up in Premiere.

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    Well, if you want to use Premiere to chop it up then do as follows.

    Create a new sequence and place your long clip on it. Set your work area (check your manuals on how to do this) to the first clip you want. Now export only your work area. Set the work area tothe next clip.........

    Also, use Premiere titler to create your rolling graphics at the start too.

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    Thanks alan, I'll try that when i get to that stage. Right now, i'm just having issues converting my mpeg-2 to avi. Gonna post a new topic and see what transpires.

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