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    Iím editing a friendís party, shot on a Sony DCR-DVD91E. He decided this write-to-disc cam is the new way forward, persuaded by eager shop assistants (keen to clear the shelves?)

    The cam has audio, composite & ĎSí video out leads, and they convinced him that these will plug into any PC. Not so. Anyway, I captured all the scenes (no problem for my RT.X100, about which Iíve waffled extensively), and the shots are good quality.

    Iím sure thereís a thread on these boards about this Ďruntí of a camera? As innovators, Sony do hit some dead-ends. Why the unnecessary conversion? What could they have been thinking about? The manual is bloody awful, and recommends USB with their ImageMixer bundle, for PC editing.

    Weíve yet to Ďfinalizeí the disc, then copy it to a standard one. Heís happy just to have a final playable DVD of his memories, so I suppose it fits his needs. Itís puzzling how such a design ever got as far as a production line.

    Itís been said: makers can spot a gap in the market Ė but is there a market in the gap?

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    Knew I'd seen it somewhere. OK, I admit it, I'm a poor reader of

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