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Thread: Help choosing cam for musicvideo

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    Default Help choosing cam for musicvideo

    Hi, just found this forum its great, this summer me and some friends will be filming a remake of the MODJO - LADY music video:

    what i would really like to know is what camara/videocam is nice to shoot this sort of videoclip with and get great quality? what i have in mind is the canon 5d mark ii, im having the 500d currently.

    Also i love the post process on this video does anyone know what has been done to this video generaly?

    (sorry for my english and thanks so much in advance)

    P.D: im a noob as you can see but willing to learn alot from this forum

    This is a test i made

    this will be of course with makeup, car riding, lightning etc, as you can see it doenst have that pro videoclip feel =(

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    I would say it's a lot to do with lighting. Then the quality of the lens and camera sensors. Some work can be done in post production to help with the image you want. Try reading this thread to give you an idea. If your not sure about what it's saying it's basically talking about adjusting contrast and colour in post production etc.

    I've seen some really nice looking stuff shot with the 5D. So I know it can be done. Get the lighting right and your more than half way there.

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    Thanks alot midnight!, ill read it right now

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