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    hi everyone, need some advice please

    i need to film something on friday using a sony ex3, have tested out the sound, using an ntg2 shotgun, and a lavalier. both work fine, BUT ...... im not sure about channels.

    if i set the camera to "ch1", it records the xlr channel 1 input into BOTH channels (left and right) on the recording, and it ignores channel 2 xlr input.

    if i set the camera to "ch1/ch2", it records xlr channel 1 to the left track, and the xlr channel 2 records to the right track.


    so, lets say i want to record someones voice with the lav mic, and i want to use the shotgun to get some background noise at the same time ....... it seems the only way is to have them each going separately to the left and right channel.

    sooooo when you play the video back, all the voice is coming from the left earphone and the background sound is mainly in the right ear, its not nicely balanced.

    surely it would be better if the voice was comming equally from both sides, since the person talking is in front of the camera ??


    so my question is (finally got here) ....

    am i doing something wrong ? or is it normal to record 2 different audio sources to the left and right, and then is there a way of equalising the resulting imbalance in post ??

    i hope i explained that OK, its kinda confusing ....

    please help !!!! i got to get this right on friday, its my first time and im nervous of screwing up

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    If your lav mic won't pick up enough background noise for your needs, which does surprise me, then you can fix the left right thing in post through your editing program. I would say you are better off having the two different items on separate channels so you can mix the balance and pan them how you want them at the editing stage.

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    I concur, see them as two mono tracks and not stereo, convert to mono in post and pan to required, and do the same with the other channel.

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