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Thread: Cropped images with imported footage into Sony Vegas Platinum 9

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    Default Cropped images with imported footage into Sony Vegas Platinum 9

    Could anybody advise me on a wee problem I'm having with my Sony Vegas Platinum 9?
    I have imported my footage and placed some of it on to my timeline to begin editing. I played it through, and although unedited it looked fine. After applying a few dissolves and crossfades (just to see if I would actually go them), all of my individual clips have been cropped at the top and bottom and now have a black strip at the top and bottom. I removed all of the edits and still had the same problem. I then removed all of the clips from my timeline and then replaced them and still have the same problem.
    Am I doing something that is glaringly obviously wrong? Has anybody else had the same problem before?
    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered - I did try searching but couldn't find anything.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Make sure the project properties matches the footage you are using. If this already the case we will need a lot more information as to what the source footage is, project settings etc.

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    Erm I know I'm about to sound like an utter moron here, but here goes...
    How do I find out the properties of my footage?(!). I just captured it straight from my camera into my new project file. I've looked at project properties - width 720, Height 576.
    This is the first time I've ever really used this software for something that matters and its the first time this has happened! Sods law eh? It didnt happen when I edited footage of my family tapes...

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    If you captured it from a tape into Sony Vegas it will be a .avi format you know it is 720 x 576 resolution. It will be 25fps (frames per second)

    Set your project properties (click on file and select properties) to these settings. You can use the PAL DV or the PAL DV widescreen template depending on whether your footage is widescreen (16:9) or not (4:3).

    I hope that this is clear for you. I'm not sure exactly what you do and don't know about video.

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    That is clear thanks! I have a major issue with my pc at the mo, so wont be able to actually do anything about it until thats been sorted. Your advice seems sound though, I'll let you know when I can do something about it. Thanks again.

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    So it appears that I've recorded my footage in 16:9. Does this mean that I'm stuck with the letterbox image that I currently have when using Vegas 9? Its not like that when I view it directly from my camera through my tv.

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    The preview may appear as letter box as the preview window is square(ish), but is is probally correct. Try doing a render out of a small section and check it on a media player

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    So the issue with my pc is more catastrophic than major as it apparently requires a rebuild. Who knew that Windows 7 had an arch rival and its name is McAfee Internet security 2010 - I didn't.
    So I'm asking the question - I still have my installation disk, registry, authentication codes, and user name and password for my software. Will i be able to just re-install onto my pc once it is sorted out?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Yes. And Sony makes it really easy for you to do it. Go to Sony Creative Software - Vegas video - ACID & Sound Forge audio editing and log in with the username/account you registered with (and if you can't remember there's the usual "click here to have it sent to your email")

    Go to "My Software" where there is a list of all your serial numbers and links to all the latest versions to which you are entitled.

    A bit worryoing about McAfee though. Only last month they sent out updates which crippled PCs with XP SP3 big time.

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    Is it really that easy?! Brilliant and thank you! Do I just visit that site and go from there or do I use my installation disk again?
    When I first had a problem with my pc I told the shop I'd bought it from that I had installed McAfee and he almost wept for me! Apparently it is becoming a major issue, not helped by the fact that Windows 7 is still new and is constantly updating itself (this is all according to him - its blatently obvious that I am I.T dyslexic). He said that he's had to rebuild 4 pc's since Christmas that McAfee has done this to - doesn't sound like that many, but I live in a tiny town. Anyway, dont use McAfee!
    Thanks again.

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