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    Hi forum,

    I've been looking around at camcorders and just need some impartial advice on the best model for less than 200.

    It would be for making short films, general use so I'd like quite good audio pick up quality.

    I don't expect anything near professional for the price but being a student that's all I can really stretch to. Was looking at the Sony sx33 but other than it being small and shiny, (my policy for judging most things in life) I have no idea if it is any good.

    Can any of you guys offer me some advice?


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    Having been in a similar position recently, i would recommend the kodak zi8. It's from a recent range of 'casual' camcorders that look more like a mobile phone than a camera. Similar products inclkude the flip range of cameras.

    The types of model of HD resolutions, and in my experience offer improved quality than a comparably priced second hand MiniDV camcorder.

    The only pitful is that you will need a high end PC to edit.
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