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Thread: The futur of DIVX and MPEG

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    Default The futur of DIVX and MPEG

    i love using DIVX and MPEG but they are very hard to change back and forth and the quality of DIVX seems better but most people dont have the drivers for it...

    So i am just wondering should i use MPEG or DIVX? Is there any talk about new codecs? In the futur is WMP going to come with DIVX codes?

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    Just reading up on DivX, and found out to my surprise that there's no adware at all in the new basic free version... can anyone verify this?

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    Whenever I've downloaded the free version (and I must admit this was over a year ago), there was always the option of no adware. There were three versions: the free version, divx pro with adware, then paid divx pro. Looks like I "missed out" on the adware infested freeware version!

    Looks like the current free version doesn't come with adware. From

    The DivX codec (older versions) used to have a free version that came with adware. That is also no longer the case. the latest 5.2 version is free, no adware.

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    Further clarification:

    The installer does not contain any spyware. The license references our own banner/artwork library that occasionally does a simple download of a graphic and switches it out in the product. We even have options in our products that let you turn this off. For example, if you use DivX codec you'll notice that the artwork at the top of the codec config gui will occasionally change Smiler We don't collect any personal information, what you see going to digitalriver is a ping on a hit counter to say that a particular piece of artwork has been downloaded. All we see is the total number.

    Likewise, during installation we like to have similar counters that help us improve our products. For example, we'll count the number of people who are installing in German, or the number of people who are installing in French. By doing this we don't learn anything at all about any individual person, but we do get an idea of how well recieved our localized products are, and an indication of where we might target our future localization efforts.

    We're a very privacy conscious company, you have nothing to fear from the 5.2.1 bundle. We removed anything that could be said to resemble spyware back in DivX 5.2, which was a monumental achievement for DivX and something that was much celebrated throughout the company at the time.

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    DivX Codec (Windows)
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