Our Film of the Month for April, SPOTLESS, is available for viewing, along with May's 'Critics Choice' selections reviewed by the respected FutureMovies review site. Preview clips of these films are available on our site and you can download them for keeps from just 65p, with generous discounts if you buy more than five films at the same time.

BOB’S BOXES - In a second-hand TV shop, a boy and a girl meet and fall in love to the sound of the Carpenters. But the path of true never runs smoothly.
MOWING THE LAWN - Clever Sci-fi story imagining what might have been going through Neil Armstrong’s mind just before he set foot on the moon.
NOTHING’S THE SAME – Anemone is a young Burundi girl engaged to successful, car-owning Nicholas. Devastated after being raped, she also has to deal with the fear that her fiancée will call off their wedding.
A DAY IN FLAT EARTH - Clever dance film where all the action takes place in a two- dimensional world chalked onto the road of a Brighton backstreet.

Four great films from four talented filmmakers. Watch and enjoy.

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