Loooking for a best PC Configuration to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 / CS5 smoothly

I am seeking advice to set-up a best configuration to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 / CS5 and Adobe Encore CS4/CS5 smoothly.Name/propose the best configuration for using the (i7) Processor, DDR3 RAM, Dual Optical drive (including BD writing capability), Full HD Monitor/s, Nvidia Video card FX Series(GPU), Suitability of HDD(RAID-0, -1 or -5), special key board fr CS4/CS5, wireless keyboad/mouse, NO. of USB Version2/Version 3 ports on board, Number of PCIe slots on motherboard, Firewire port/s, HDMI ports, Express card slot(for Sony HD Pro video cameras), Model numbers, Brand names are welcome here.

Presently I am experiencing lots of problems running CS4 on a 2.8GHz single core Processor, 2GB DDR2RAM,1TB HDD, with a Sony SXS USB2 Reader, etc.,video will freeze out after 2seconds of play on monitor.Audio was not affected at all. But the quality of DVD I made was excellent. no problems with video or audio.

Ur help is greatly appreciated. Thx.