I am entering my first film comp.
It only needs to be 140s long.
I have done the filmming and CGI, I filmed on a Sony DCR-TVR285E at standard 4:3 ratio, 720x576, PAL.
I dont have a problem sending in the first bit which will be in AVI format, 25fps.
Should I get to the next round they need one of the following formats:-

"All digital formats should have I-Frames and be of a high quality resolution of 25Mbits/second or above. The following standards can be accepted. These could be accepted on DVD.

  • Medium: DV25 200MB per minute 50i
  • High: DV50 400 MB per minute or Uncompressed Quicktime 1.5GB per minute."

The software I use is After Effects CS3, Premiere Elements Version1, Newtek SpeedEdit.

My question is what are I-Frames and are they included in Quicktime?
I presume everything I have done so far will be ok for their formats.

Many thanks for any replies.