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    Hi Everyone,

    I not sure there are a lot of people on here who edit extreme sports or action based videos, but i'd like to have some tips and pointers in order to make a good edit or short. I'll embed a few videos which I think have been done well.

    If you could explain to me what makes them good, or the techniques they've used it would be great. thanks

    I haven't worked out how to embed here they are:

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    Well, I don't think all the video's are good, to start with... But that's partly also a matter of opinion.

    For my work I do a lot of fliming and editing sports. Not always extreme sports perse, but that doesn't really matter.

    In general, sport is about emotion. That's the main thing!!! So in a video, you always have to seek the emotion that is fitting with the specific sport, video, subject whatever....

    second of all:
    It always starts with the cameraman. Making a good shot is not a matter of pointing your camera in the right direction.
    Especially with a lot of sport video's. So the footage has to be good in order to make a good video.

    Then the editing part:
    There are a lot of sports where in essence the action you capture is the same constantly. It could be that skiers in a tournament always do the same course. Sure, the jumps are different, but it still is the same course.
    Same thing goes for e.g. volleybal matches. The court is small and in essence the action is the same everytime.
    Because of that, i'd choose for at least two camera's shooting the action, one a bit wide, the other close for example. This gives you a lot of editing possibilities and you don't ever have to use the same angle after eachother (one thing you see happening in the first video, a lot, which, in my opinion isn't good.

    When it comes to promo's and stuff you want to make it attractive. you want people to stay with you for the whole length of the video. Don't make a promo longer than say, 2 minutes max, unless you have somenone who tells a good interesting story in the video.
    also you want to edit fast in this kind of video's. The sport is fast and energetic, so make the film the same way.
    Fast cuts, exciting shots maybe some effects to give it something extra.

    And then music is an important issue.
    One of the video's begins with country music!!! WHY????
    When I hear country music I see prairies, people in dusty landscapes etc. I don't really think about snow and slopes...
    wrong choice if you ask me.
    Also I hear a lot of rap music. Can be good for such a video, but when I hear the same kind of music in every video you post here, i'd say it is not that creative to choose that kind of music anymore. The video doesn't stand out that much you know what I mean?

    But hey, like I said before... It's a matter of taste to begin with!

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