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    I will attempt to be gentle.
    I strongly advise watching and reading the critiques of other videos in these forums.
    The video is not as good as it could have been. I recommend doing the whole thing again.

    I am not an expect, but even I think I could have done better. Here are some comments on things which would not have passed my personal quality control:

    1) Rotoscoping/masking. It looks silly when done where both objects (the 2 guys) are heavily blurred whist they move.

    2) How about some more lighting on the face? Because we cannot see any reflection in the eyes, the face looks dull; unlike the voice which is active and bright.

    3) I would preferred the whole action to have been one take. Instread, we see cuts (eg. 0:17 and 0:27) where the head appears to jump position.

    4) The 'too damn lazy' words do not appear to be held between the hands. That effect is easier if the hands are pointing directly forwards.

    5) If you are intending to beep the rude words; when do it. I don't expect to be able to guess the word from hearing the word's final sylable. As the beeped words don't matter, then some acting (mouth and facial position) are only necessary to accompany the beeping.

    6) The timing of the audio or video or subtitle cuts around 0:51 seemed slow. I felt I had to wait a long time to learn what the lyrics sounded like.

    7) "Don't click till you've watched the whole video". Personally, I find that kind of instruction confusing.

    I look forward to seeing more; but I urge concentrating on quality, not quantity.

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    The main thing for me was the lack of lighting of the talent. The other thing is the jump cuts, either don't do them at all or put in some sort of cut away between the takes.

    The rest of it was ok for a YouTube Blog.

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    thanks for the replies, guys. i will aim to take your criticisms into consideration in my next upload

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    But really it's about content....?
    Which was OK. Made me smile a couple of times (which is impressive for teen humour)

    Whilst TimA is spot on about the poor quality of the rotoscoping and you absolutely must improve it significantly, I thought the beginning was very snappy - the punch happening so soon after the beginning if was totally unexpected.

    It's not clear whether the jump cuts are a style thing or just bad editing. They are poor in both instances - just annoying. If you're looking for intentional jump cuts they need to be more pronounced - take a look at this (her vids are a bit hit & miss, but she's easy on the eye and it's well worth browsing them sor a real mixture of blog ideas)

    If it's unintentional, then your really need to make an effort to learn a script (so we don't get the cuts) and get the timing absolutely perfect (as you won't be able to edit afterwards)

    The first negative which struck me - which both the others have already pointed was the lighting. What on earth posessed you re film with your back against a bunch of light coming in from the window? Oh yes, you're new to this, that'll be ignorance then. No sweat. Lesson learnt.

    Personally I didn't mind that the effects didn't look in the slightest realistic - it seemed to go with the video. This will become more important when the quality of your "live" video improves. At the moment the quality of the text etc is so much better than the live video they do not look like they're part of it. (This is a sort of variation on another "rule": Don't make your titles better than your video. Bear that in mind for the future)

    But basically, what the others have said goes.

    Favourite bit: the "Cnut" gag.

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