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Thread: Converting issue's .MOD > AVI

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    Default Converting issue's .MOD > AVI

    Hello, since some time i've been struggling with a problem i cant solve...
    >>JVVC camera, gives .MOD files (MPG)
    >>Sony Vegas 8 does only notice the Videotrack, no sound on .MOD files
    >>PRISM videoconverter can convert .MOD to .AVI
    >> CODEC; XVID avi

    When i'm converting the file (i tried almost every settings-combination from XVID) im getting some kind of 'interlaced' screen. Stripes everywhere, especially with clips where i move the camera from left to right heavily.
    First i thought this came from the "Resize" which i use with PRISM Videoconverter. Im trying to resize it from 720x576(16:9) to 800x600(4:3).

    However, believe it or not, the 800x600 resolution (resized) works better than the original 720x576 res. Also, i did this before with the same converter to 1024x768 without any problems, no interlaced screen, no stripes.. just clear view. This only was another computer with other codecversions i think.

    I tried all i could to remove the annoying stripes/interlace without success. Also, if i try to load the .MOD file into vegas, it's a very sharp clip... like i want it to be. Only it has no sound.

    I doubt if this is the codec which is f*cking the clip up because when i load the .MOD file into vegas, then render it with XVID codec... it looks good. But still without sound ;(

    Example images:
    This is the converted from .MOD > .AVI file:

    This is the .MOD rendered in vegas to avi, without sound:

    You can see how much difference is in there. Also other codecs in PRISM video converter fuck up the screen. So maybe i need to find another converter (eventho it worked couple of times for me without this bullshit).

    Also if i DO NOT resize the video the stripes still appear... im lost ;(

    Does anyone know how i can remove the strips/interlacing OR (even better) how i get sound with the .MOD files in vegas... vegas 8.0 does not see the audio in those .MOD clips ;(
    Thx in advance.

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    Use the .mod directly into Vegas for the video.
    Use one of the convetrted versions into vegas for the sound (discard the associated video)
    Job done!

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    Life is so simple some times.

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