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    I haven't posted anything on here for ages... So...

    This is a video I worked on with the band Bleed Electric. I was principal camera operator and DOP. Full editing credits and graphic content go to Bleed Electric and the guys at Screamadelica Studios in Cardiff.

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    Very good video for it's type. Not my cup of tea but it's right for the music.
    Did I see some focusing issues in the disco shots ?

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    Now that made me laugh!
    3 dudes in shades, tough poses's going to be rock?
    wait, one's a black guy,...... it's got to be rap?
    .......BLOODY HELL it's S Club7 disco!!

    Well it certainly ticked all the right boxes for a dance music video (unfortunately).
    The trouble with dance music is it's the most dispoable form of popular music, so consequently the videos are pretty dumb with little variation, full of eye candy, fast images for airheads & novelty effects,
    (& no wonder, when your dancing you dont want to think, you want to move your body & escape into the rivvum).
    Which is a shame because in my opinion the greatest dance music is up there with the greatest rock music.
    I wish someone would turn the dance music video inside out & come up with something original!
    If i could write dance music it would be a priority!
    Any way all this aside I enjoyed watching the 3 plonkers do their S Club 7 impersonation, had a good laugh & really enjoyed it.


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    Thanks you for sharing it.

    I would love to hear more about how it was filmed. Are we talking 'green screens'.

    I enjoyed the parts with the fast changing cuts. I am curious, when editing those fast parts, is there a lower limit of the number of frames in a shot before it becomes lost?

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