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Thread: Website that allows you to make money with your videos

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    Default Website that allows you to make money with your videos

    Hi my name is Daniel Romano and I am the Marketing Director of The video platform that enables you to promote and market your expertise | Sparkeo

    We created a Video application that enables users to sell their videos on their site without the need to get into coding or developing a payment solution.

    If you created any instructional videos, training or any educational content that can be interesting for others, you should check it out.

    If you have any question please write me a Private message.

    Looking forward to answer any questions!

    Daniel Romano.

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    This would be ideal for a person like myself who is creating instructional videos for mechanics,....

    One thing I am scared of is someone copying and pirate distributing my hard work. I have not yet committed anything to DVD but working on it.

    but does it work?...anyone using this service or anything like it ? Anyone subscribed to it or something simular

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