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Thread: Problems Editing/Doing anything with m2ts files in vegas 9 pro

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    Unhappy Problems Editing/Doing anything with m2ts files in vegas 9 pro

    I am trying to start editing videos recorded off of my Hauppauge HD PVR. I want to edit video game play. The files come as m2ts, but when i try to do anything (edit, change audio, start playback) of any of my videos, it crashes. I have upgraded my ram to 2.5 gigs, and my processor is an AMD Athlon 3400+ processor (2.20 GHz).
    I am on vista 64 bit. I have tried editing/rendering .avi files and that worked fine, so i don't get why i keep getting crashes. Should i try to convert the files to something else before editing? do i need a cpu upgrade? I have already spent 300 dollars on hardware/software and i really want to get this all working. It's just so frustrating to spend all that money and be that dedicated only to be shot down by stupid crashes. :/ Please help...

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    This may be a problem with the format of the files your Hauppauge could be recording a .m2ts file which is a transport stream and not a program stream. A transport stream file is not designed for editing, although you can sometimes do it depending on your set up.

    You may be better off converting the files to a more easily editable format such as .avi files.

    Also your system is a little weak to edit HD footage easily.

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    I would have gone mainly with the "system is weak" for HD cause.

    HDV tapes from my Canon XL H1 are captured and saved as M2TS's -- my only serious issue at the moment is in special cases where there are no scene breaks for more than 4GB of footage. But this is the first time I'm reading that MPEG-2 Transport Streams are not appropriate as an editing base. If it's not, how should I be capturing my HDV content from instead? Vegas itself doesn't seem to offer me other choices, unless I were to downconvert the HDV to SD AVIs?

    This is a serious question, considering I've captured a good terabyte or two of HDV in m2ts containers so far over the past few years.

    I've had little or no problems with editing it in Vegas, but I do have a 64-bit machine and 4GB RAM with a Quad q6600 processor(s) and starting to think of that as "minimal". Last time I had trouble was back when the Vegas built-in/attached capture subprogram was improved about 2 years ago. Before that I had to use 3rd party capture utilities instead, especially back when I was mistakenly shooting in pull-down formats like 24f and 30f instead of sticking with 60i. I'd love to have the money to capture to one of those $30,000 full HD datatankers (maybe the price has dropped since I drooled over them about a year ago?) but that's just not in the budget yet, and is so far off right now that I haven't even tried to find out what files, containers and so one I'd be dealing with.

    Looking forward to learning about it though.

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    I wasn't saying all m2ts files are transport stream It's that he is recording from a TV device. Just like mpeg2 transport stream that comes from digital TV but in HD. You can get mpeg2 program stream. I'm not even saying you can't edit a transport stream I said it's not made for editing it's purpose is to send it across a the electromagnetic ether along with all the other TV and radio signals.

    Some video formats are best for editing like DV .avi etc. Some are made for final viewing like .mov or .wmv

    All this just adds to an already "weak system" issue, it's not that it can't be done it's that it's not ideal. Setting the preview in Sony Vegas to a lower resolution helps along with keeping to straight cut and fancy transitions to a minimum, etc.....

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    I think you're best off just using the file converter program that is shipped with the Hauppage. The Arcsoft Media Converter? Not gonna lie, it'll take a while, but as far as I know there's nothing else you can do.

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