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Thread: Hard at work, technical discussion would be much appreciated

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    Default Hard at work, technical discussion would be much appreciated

    so here's the deal. im hard at work here editing my student project due this Thursday, which I shot over the weekend in a giant rush with almost everything only half thought out all the way through. visually, the whole thing looks like crap, but a lot of my creations have looked like crap, mostly because of the camera. it barely matters to me though, the only thing i think about when i make a movie is the editing, it's what my mind is set on since i learned 4 years ago that i have a knack for this sort of thing.

    like i said, everything i did was only half thought out all the way through, maybe even less since i trusted my very incompetent friend with lots of the shots (i played the main character), just sort of assuming he already knew exactly what i had planned for the film. so this is quite a challenge to edit. the timeline of what i've put together as of now is absolutely haywire.

    ok enough with the pointless detail. i'm stumped on a creative impulse involving one of the scenes that just didn't come out the way i wanted it to come out, either time. in the background of this shot is a movie playing on a TV screen, a very eerie and disturbing movie to add to my own eerie and disturbing scene. on the first day, it turns out i rolled the camera at a time where the movie had literally nothing going on. nothing! it's like there's no point to even have it in the movie at all. im sitting here wishing to god that i thought about skipping back to the beginning where a woman is cutting up her intestines.

    (the movie is called Begotten, in case you're suddenly interested)

    on day two, i decided to shoot this all again, this time with the right scene playing on the TV. now there's another issue. due to time constraints with the actors having "better shit to do", you know how that is sometimes, i filmed it in the daytime, and light is spilling through the blinds and it really screws with shot continuity. i am quite picky, ill be honest. but i just wish to fix it, it would satisfy my dearly.

    im using Final Cut Pro 6.0.6, by the way. now, how would i go about cutting out the bright white light bleeding in through the blinds and replacing them with pitch black? i always want to go looking for the magic wand from photoshop, but sadly this isn't photoshop, and i've never found a tool like it on Final Cut.

    so, who can help me out here? if i haven't explained enough about my situation, or left out some sort of vital detail, let me know and ill keep blabbing lol. i don't know how many other questions might arise as i go along, but that's why i've opened this thread.

    oh and im brand new! i just joined today, kinda regretting not joining a forum like this years ago, but im just now getting into the habit of signing up to forums for discussing questions like these that google has been failing to answer for me since the beginning. i haven't really had a look around yet, but i will once im done being hard at work with my crappy student film =P

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    Sorry for the late reply - too late to be of any use to you. It's great that you have a knack for "this sort of thing" by which you mean editing.

    It's also great that you're a student as this means you're trying to learn things, because the thing you have learned here is you should never accept filming something which isn't right unless you absolutely know for certain you can "fix it in post".

    And even when you can fix it in post, it's considerably less efficient. This may not matter to you now as a student, or me as an amteur, but if you plan to make a career out of this suddenly every extra hour you spend on a project is an extra hours income you're going to lose.

    Hope you have come back and re-visited this forum. You'll learn a lot you won't at college.

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    If you want to matte out an area then the nearest thing is...

    Effects - Video filters - Image Control - Matte

    Where you can pick and chose what sort of mask you want and then apply the effects to it.

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