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Thread: Sony vegas pro 9 - cant burn a good dvd (2)

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    Default Sony vegas pro 9 - cant burn a good dvd (2)

    I am trying out Vegas 9.0 Pro. I have some content on the timeline and have burned a DVD by clicking on Tools->Burn Disc->DVD. But when I try to play the new DVD on a computer, there is no audio or video. My burner is TSSTcorp DVD+-RW on an ordinary Dell PC. I have tried DVD - as well as + blanks. I have varied the burn speed as the manual suggests. Is there a simple concept I am missing?

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    No I have not muted either the video or audio tracks. They are by default both enabled.

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    use a RW disk to save wastage

    Could be a AC3 PCM playback audio issue

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    But why would the screen in the PC DVD player be black and the audio off? I see the play bubble creaping forward. But no picture and no audio. I can also see that the VOB files have been successfully burned to the blank. Does the blank need to be formatted first? I still think this is a beginners problem. Any more ideas?

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    trying it out for myself to see what happens

    The preview screen is showing the video as it renders at present and i have selected the PAL 4:3 tempplate

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    Beginner problem solved.

    I noticed something while trying 'Tools->Selectively Prerender Video'. In the dialog box was a checkbox for 'Render loop region only'. I noticed that I had moved the 'loop region' to a place further on the timeline. On a whim I moved the 'loop region' back to the piece of time line I wanted to burn and it all worked. My missing knowledge was, I didn't know that the Disc Burn only burned the 'loop region' portion of the timeline. It would have been very helpful to include that in the manual pages.

    I have tried out Adobe Premiere, Nero and now Vegas video editing software. By far Vegas is the most consistent, bug free and refined software product of the three. Nice job Sony Creative Software.

    Thank you for your responses and help.

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    All done and works OK

    In your Preferences see where the Temporary folder is and see if you can see the MPEG that Vegas made to make a DVD and play that and see if that works OK

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