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Thread: audio problems when burning a DVD

  1. Default audio problems when burning a DVD

    I'm using vegas studio 9 platinum - fab programme but discovered a very annoying problem. I'm making a DVD for a friend and I have written some of my own music to go with it. The only problem is that when the DVD is finished my home made music has real volume issues as the sound dips and rises. The audio from the video I fire wired in is fine, so is any music I have ripped from a CD but not my own home made music. I write it in Ableton Live 8 and export it as a wav file and import it in. I tried it with the MP3's and it seemed worse. Any help gratefully received as I want to use my own music a lot more and obviously it doesn't work on DVD. BTW when I test the mpegs they play fine and I have tried the DVD in my laptop and it has the same issues.

    Cheers Cosy Pete

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    Are you saying you get this problem in the Vegas time line or just on the DVD ?

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    Like Midnight, I'm having difficulty understanding your problem.
    Are you saying Vegas/DVD Architect mucks about with your audio levels or what?
    Sorry if I'm being dense.

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    Hi Midnight and Tim,

    sorry for being so confusing. I hope this helps. I am creating a DVD with 4 parts. I make each part in Vegas and export it as a MPEG 2. The audio is fine. I put the 4 MPEGS back into vegas and then use them to create the DVD using architect. It's in the authoring that the audio levels are messed with and only on the music I have created myself, not on ripped music or on audio firewired from my camera.

    I hope that helps

    Cheers Cosy Pete

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    What are your audio settings DVDA ? If you are producing an AC3 audio try changing it to PMC. Some DVD players (older ones) are limited to what formats they can accept. Also check you are not sending the audio to some funky surround sound set up.

    I don't really understand how the sound could be ok on the mpeg2 but not ok on the DVD. You say you put them back into Vegas why not just put them straight into DVDA.

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    Hi Midnight,

    thanks very much for the reply. The reason I have put them back into Vegas was an attempt to see whether it made a difference at all to the sound.

    My DVD player at home is an older one. How do I change from AC3 to PMC and does that affect someone who is playing a newer machine. Where is it in the programme Vegas studio or architect.

    I am exporting it to stereo not surround sound.

    As I said when I played the exported mpeg on my laptop it sounds fine but when I play the DVD on my laptop or my DVD player certain tracks have dodgy sound. Can I ask why it is only the tracks that I have written ??

    Thanks for your continued help

    Cosy Pete

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    I'm not saying I know what is going on with your DVD problem I'm just trying to eliminate things that it might be.

    If you open up DVDA and load your project. Then click on file and select properties. Under the audio defaults you will see the audio format with the option to change this to PMC stereo, AC-3 Stereo or AC-3 5.1 surround sound.

    If this is not the problem then I don't know what else to suggest.

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    Dear Midnight,

    I'm sorry if I have offended you. I was simply asking someone who knows a huge amount more than I do.

    I will try your suggestion tomorrow and thanks so much for your time.

    Cosy Pete

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    I took no offence at anything you said. Perhaps I'm frustrated that I can't help you more.

    Good luck.

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