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    This is a video I made for my English students (I live in Japan) called English 101, I split it into 3 parts, I'll post a link to the beginning part but the basic lesson is : Example conversation (with that lessons grammar) , grammar point explanations, specific examples of grammar from example conversation.

    I'd eventually like to get these good enough to sell them in DVD's.

    [ame=]YouTube - English 101: Grammar Lesson with Randall League #1 part1[/ame]

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    I found it very interesting as my own understanding of grammar is badder that Boke's.
    Whilst I appreciate that adjectives turn into comparitive adjectives, it is reasonable to use the word "thing" instead of "noun".

    I am curious. The talent's faces are some distance from the camera. Does that make it harder to follow the conversation?

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    Nothing to fault on this. Except saying Yeah in stead of Yes.

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    Nice and stylish. Simple without being condescending. Not too flashy.

    I too wonder whether we shouldn't see the faces in close up, so we can see the mouth movement in more detail - whilst this is about grammar and syntax, anything which reinforces how the words are spoken must only be good.

    Two areas I thought were not quite right: The talent was looking off screen to the right when "reading" in the car park ("China is bigger than Cuba") but the words were below him. Odd.

    Similarly, I think it was a mistake to leave the "China is bigger than Cuba" on screen when he says "James is taller than Mike".

    Other than that I thought it was lively, imaginitive and professional.

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