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    Ok... I skimmed over the Wiki page on video editing software and it's not helping. I am looking for a very specific set of features. So let's start off with a system run down.

    AMD Athlon X2 6000+
    4gb ram (3gbs seen due to OS limitation)
    4gb page file
    Windows XP Pro SP3 (up to date)
    nVidia 8600 GTX 256mb GDDR
    1.5Tb SATA 3 Seagate HDD

    Now. I've been creating videos for upload to YouTube. I record for an hour or two at a time using FRAPs and left with a bunch of files that I need to stitch together then split into 10min segments. I found one program that does it so far *but* it has some large negatives. Sony Vegas will let me stitch them together, define 10min regions, and render the regions as their own videos. That's what I want to do exactly. But Vegas, at least the demo version, has some really annoying issues. One it crashes regularly from a lack of memory, even though according to the Task Menu I am only using at most 2gb of the 8gb total memory and page file. It's *really* slow , taking an hour and a half to do a single 10min video. And the price tag, last I looked, was very expensive. But the expense might be over looked if it *worked* and worked reliably.

    Anyone know of any other program that will let me stitch together these videos into one video, define regions that are roughly 10min long, and render each region as it's own video into WMV for upload to YouTube? It doesn't even have to be drag and drop like Vegas, though that is a bonus, to drag the video in, drop it on the timeline where I want it,and volia it's stitched together seamlessly.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I've used Sony Vegas for a while now and have a lower spec PC. The only time it's crashed for me is when I did something wrong in the codec custom settings which gave it a conflict. The length of time it takes to render will be determined by the size and quality of the video. If you feel an hour and a half is to long try reducing the size and/or quality (bit rate) or maybe try a different codec, perhaps mpeg2 would be quicker I don't know.

    If as you say Vegas keeps crashing there could be something else wrong with your OS or your need to defrag etc. Or like me you have some sort of codec setting issue.

    If you don't have to do any editing of the clips and simply chop up an hour in to 10 min sections try something like Virtual dub.

    I hope this in some way helps.

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    Just looking at what you are doing there are some things you can do to ease the pain here.
    I think FRAPS is recording to uncompressed avi files which is fine BUT any conversion from that to a more compressed file is going to take a lot of time. There really is no way of getting around that.
    It is probably the source of the memory shortages as the program has to hold huge amounts of data in memory while it is being processed so don't be too hard on Vegas there!

    Also even though you feel you have 8gb of memory available through 4gb of memory and 4gb of Page File that is probably being a little optimistic. It would depend greatly on the OS and Vegas working together cooperatively to get that extra 4gb working properly. When I think of cooperation, the names Sony and Microsoft don't exactly spring to mind!

    Secondly the compression is going to occupy a lot of processing power so that is just number crunching and the speed with which it happens will depend on the speed of the processor and the software's ability to utilize it.

    I would suggest this:
    After a capture session do a defrag.
    Prior to rendering shut down all unnecessary programs and services on the computer so that your editing/rendering activities are the only thing happening. This includes disconnecting from the internet, screen-savers, anti-virus... anything you can lay your hands on that is not involved in the rendering.

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    Sensible advice from Midnight and Lance.
    I'll elaborate a bit on the memory issue. In order for any application to use more than 2GB RAM, both the operating system and the application need to be 64-bit.


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