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Thread: New PC or use our iMacs for NLE?

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    Default New PC or use our iMacs for NLE?


    I have a question regarding video editing systems. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

    We have started working on web videos for some of our clients, (using Adobe Premiere Elements 8 as our NLE) and to cut a long story short, after a few productions, we have found ourselves with a decision to make. After frequent application crashes, new hard drives, extra memory, a new Nvidea graphics card, we have been told that generally speaking, the PC that we use for video editing is not really up to the job because the processor has a fundamental overheating problem, which causes the PC to crash, usually during rendering. (We’re based in Egypt and had to buy a ‘shop built’ PC. At the time we never intended it to be used for such an intensive process as NLE) so it’s surprising we’ve got as far as we have really!

    Well that’s easy enough to solve I hear you cry – just buy a new HP PC with an i7 chip, move all extra PC bits to the new machine and get going again. Now here’s the thing...

    We’re predominantly a music services we have a music production studio with some iMacs (IMAC 24 /2.93/4GB/640/256/SD/MSE/KB-GBR). Each iMac is hooked up to some very nice Mackie HR monitors and fully automated Euphonix MC Mix and MC Control for Logic Studio and Soundtrack Pro work. So basically we do all our music and voiceovers on the Mac and send it all to ‘PC world’ for editing into our Adobe Premiere video project.

    So the question is...would we be better off spending our money on a new PC? Or should we get Final Cut or Final Cut Express instead and do the whole thing on the iMac? Is this a no brainer? I have to say that if I bought a new PC and PrE8 still kept crashing I would be very upset. I am actually quite sick of the crashes but am aware it could be due to our PC.

    I am aware that we are stuck with the configurations of the iMac and no extra internal h/w (media/scratch drives, video cards, memory etc) can be added, but I have the read that the iMac spec we have, would be quite sufficient for NLE and we have some Firewire Lacie drives we could chain together and use for Media.

    Any help, suggestions, recommendations (however basic and short) would be gratefully received.



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    Spend a couple hundred on the FCE and find out.

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    Thanks...not sure why I didn't think of that...


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