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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Audio Issue

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    Default Sony Vegas Pro 8 Audio Issue

    Newbie here *waves* To the forums anyway, not to vidding I've tried searching everywhere and even on the board and I couldn't seem to find an answer to my problem so here I am

    To make fanvids on youtube I rip my DVDs to my computer...and some of those DVDs are of Supernatural, and of those boxsets 3/4 of them have 5.1 surround sound. I was wondering how I would convert the audio with the 5.1 surround sound and still be able to edit it in Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 with the 6 audio tracks like below. I know that some people might wander why the hell anyone would want that many tracks, but I love to make things like fanmade trailers and such and it would be really handy :P

    I know that it can be done using AutoGK as a tutorial that I followed someone posted saying how they had actually achieved this and posted a screencap of what it looked like:

    I was wondering if there is a certain codec I have to have or something...I asked the girl who posted the tutorial and the one who got this result, but neither have gotten back to me and the latter hasn't been on the board for quite some time so I don't really have high hopes that she will.

    Thanks in advance, and if I left out any info that you need to know about programmes or anything, just let me know
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