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Thread: Help with premiere formats

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    Talking Help with premiere formats

    i have recently started working with after effects,

    i did a tutorial on a website

    Animate Your Logo Into Characters | Aetuts+

    when i export from after effects its fine but when i import it in to premiere and try to export it it loses alot of quality and ends up jagged and grainy

    i was wondering if someone can help with project settings??

    i would be very grateful

    tjhank you


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    thank you for replying

    i am a complete noob at this video stuff

    if you could give me some speciefics of what to export and import at that would be great!

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    i made it to the exact specifications of the tutorial
    i dont think sending it would work im not sure where i left all the relevent parts
    and i wanted to edit it in premiere so it would just be half the way there
    if you have specific export and import settings for AE and premiere i could copy them?

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