I have a friend who has shot footage on their JVC ProHD GY-HM100 camera.

The camera's file format is MOV. but for some reason the files written to the SDHC cards aren't behaving as they should.
I'll start by saying the files written to her Silicon Power cards are fine, no problems there at all.

However, the files written to her Transcend and Lexar cards (class 6 just like the Silicon's) don't work.
The files have no data whatsoever (no resolution data, no frame rate data etc...) and when opened in quicktime (as they are supposed to be) quicktime can't play the files back like it normally can.

Even If I take the files into Premiere or Vegas, there's audio but no video.

I don't see how this is an issue with my system, because it does it on all computers I try, and the files from the Silicon Power cards work fine.

The Transcend and Lexar cards were formatted by the camera before anything was shot.

Anybody have any idea's on what's going on and why? There must be some issue with writing the files to SDHC, either by the camera or the Lexar and Transcend cards. It's so strange because you can playback the files on the camera, just not on the PC.

Any ideas would be so helpful for me and many other people using this camera!

Cheers, Ben