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Thread: DebugMode Wax with Vegas Pro 9c

  1. Default DebugMode Wax with Vegas Pro 9c

    Does anybody else use Debugmode Wax with Vegas?
    We had it installed & used it successfully with the 32 bit Vegas Pro 9, but when we upgraded to the 64bit version 9c, Vegas wont recognise it.
    We have both versions of Vegas running on our Vista PC.
    As we said, it's working on the 32bit version 9 but the 64 bit version 9c wont recognise it.
    Which makes us wonder if we've installed it in the wrong place.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I'm guessing the two don't mix , this happens with other plugins as well
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    Thanks, I suppose that should have been obvious to us.
    We'll now download the 32 bit version of Vegas 9d & see how we fare.


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