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Thread: getting a video editing program

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    Default getting a video editing program

    hi i am getting a video editing program and the list at the bottom are the ones that im supposed to choose from. i want something thats processional but i little easier to use then programs like premier. so which ones should i pick?

    - adobe after effects
    - adobe directors
    - boris fx
    - heroglyph
    - sony Vegas movie studio platinum
    - video enhancer
    - virtualdub
    - vitasecne

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    I would choose Sony Vegas Movie Studio. It is limited in the number of video tracks that can be used but for a beginner this should not be a problem. If needed you can update it for the Pro version after a while.

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    which one is better
    sony vegas or corel videostudio pro x3

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    I've only used Sony so thats the only one I can recommend.

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    i saw there are many kinds of sony vegas

    Vegas movie studio is to easy for me

    is vegas pro hard?

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    To easy ? You actually want it to be hard to use !?

    The Vegas Movie Studio and Pro versions are very much the same program but the Movie Studio version has less features.

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    no, what i meant is the features suck, i meant to say i like the vegas pro features more,

    so vegas pro isnt hard to use? because the movie studio has bad features

    +rep if answered
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    Just look at the price difference between them. Vegas Movie Studio is a really good program in this price range. If you want to pay another 200 then get the Pro version.

    The good thing about Vegas Pro is that a lot of helpful users in this forum use Vegas Pro so even if you get stuck with it, there is lots of good help and advice here.

    Are you looking for any particular features ? What sort of thing will you be producing ?

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    kk thx, because price doesnt matter, i just want a good program with lots of features that is not to difficult, not looking for anything specific, i want a good editing system,

    still thx, i +rep and thanked you
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    If that is the case Sony Vegas Pro sound like it will be a good choice for you. You will be surprised at what you will be able to achieve once you get use to it.

    Good luck.

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