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Thread: Starting out: need advice (1) cards (2) software

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    Default Starting out: need advice (1) cards (2) software

    I am going to have to start capturing and editing video from:

    DVD edit (basic: crop, fade..) to include video snippets on CDROMs in "universal" formats (avi or mpeg, I guess)

    I have no idea as to

    1. What card to buy for capture from domestic DVD or VHS players?
    2. What software to use to capture from ripped VOBs?
    3. What editing software to get ( I guess some video capture cards come with bundled software)

    I will be running this on a KT333 with an AMD 2,4 under Win 2000 Pro and with an 80Gb disk (7200), currrently has ATI 128 video card (no capture) and basic SB16 compatible soundcard

    I can spend around 200 - 300 Euros

    Many thanks to all who take the time to help out

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    1. ATI's Radeon range (ie Radeon AIW) do cards capable of capturing composite/SVHS signals. This area ain't my speciality though and on your budget, you may be able to opt for a better card.

    As for capturing DVD's, rather than 'capture' the video, thus the quality is determined by your capture device. Your much better off 'ripping' the DVD from the disc using a DVD-ROM drive. This way you get a faster capture, less room for error and 100% original lossless quality. You then have a pure file to play with as you wish. For more help on DVD ripping, converting etc check out

    2/3. 'Capture from ripped VOB's' not sure what you mean here. For editing Adobe Premiere is the standard choice in the mid price range and yes you can get this bundled with cards alkthough maybe not in your price range. You could look about on ebay for a second hand copy.
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