Hello forum

Even thou i like Mp4 as format, it allways causing me big troubles if you have the intention to splitt out from them as
i happend to have, basicly every Mp4 i have tested recieves some faulty and i must atlast give up.
If we try to focus on this example below for this thread who allso dares to quarrel against my wish!
How would you sett Avidemux to splitt this file succesfully?

Either the sound gets cuttet in most of the output..excluded some jagged howl attempts.
other output combinations causes the sound to go complete wrong synced
(i know about shift function yes, but its never the alone issue) in a combination with a faulty keyframe area that doesnt match up with the previewscreen..since keyframe select are required if you intend to save the cutt as an Mp4 allso, so the output recieves a to early start position for me, one other issue is complete blackscreen

I dont demand saving this as Mp4 thou, also AVI would be ok..infact basicly every format exept Dummy and MKV would do find, i would prefere a direct copy on video offcorse...but realize it may be hard to get?
converting the video is allso okay, cant do it on my own thou..CAUSE IF I JUST KNOW WHAT FORMAT FITTING TO WHAT CODEC FITTING TO WHAT OUTPUT i have poor clues

If converting the sound only leaving video to direct copy? can that be a solution for wrong keyframe start in my video? or can i completly exclude that? globaly when can i know when i shall convert both sound and video?
my experience (not so mutch) of converting ar atleast that sometimes a fucked up videoscreen in all media players exept VLC(i dont wanna use it for for playing full films)

My installed codec situation on this computer are latest K-lite codec pack (full version)