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Thread: files types help

  1. Default files types help

    Perhaps someone could explain to me the different file types -
    My canon hf200 records in mts which I transfer to my pc with the dreadful
    image mixer software supplied with the canon - I have never managed to find
    a way of transfering direct to my corel video software...
    I then play around with the video using corel and save the files which are now vsp....I can also burn to disc (standard writer) either in standard format or avchd format to play back on a blue ray player...

    Have I understood all this correctly please....

    So what is canon mts format
    Why does corel change it to vsp
    What is the standard disc format
    Where does avchd fit into the scheme of things

    Thanks for any advice...........

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    A .mts file is like a high definition mpeg2 file, which is the format used on standard DVDs.
    A .vsp file is the project file created by your software it's not a video file format. You need to render the project into the correct format depending on what you will be viewing it with or on.
    The standard Blue-ray disk format is .mts files.
    avchd is a high definition video format is inside the .mts file.

    There is a bit more to it than this but I don't want to confuse you by other information that you don't need to get your video onto a disk.

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    That's a big help - thank you. I was getting confused with the file types.
    Any thoughts as to why the Canon mts files can only be read by their software
    and it seems nothing else.....

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    I can only think that you don't have the right codec installed on your computer. Even though you can view it with the canon software it may not be sharing the codec with other programs.

    Put the file into a program called Gspot this will give you the codec that is being used. Then make sure you have that codec on your computer. If not down load it from the web.

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    Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a go.....

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    Hi smokeyone,

    The player I use for the MTS and "m2t files that I get when I edit with Corel" is a freeware program called Zoom player, one other thing if you ever need to produce a high definition m2t file I wouldn't use the "smart render' I find I get better results using the custom settings, in fact when I tested Premiere CS4 against Corel Pro X3 using the same output bit rate Corel was the winner in quality and speed, which came as a big surprise to me.


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    Just by chance - have you managed to download the files straight from the camera & do you use a canon....

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    If you want to get the .mts files off the camera without using their software, you need to access the card as a drive (just like a USB drive). I'm not sure how you do this using only the camcorder, but if you have a card reader in your computer (or laptop), simply put the card in it. The file structure should be as follows...

    DCIM (the folder where pictures are stored)

    The .mts files are stored in "STREAM" (PRIVATE>AVCHD>BDMV>STREAM). You can simply transfer, delete, or play/use them from the card, just as you would with still images from a camera.

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    Thank you for the suggestion - I know your suggestion works for still digi cameras but for the canon video the pc does not recognise/find the files.
    Nothing shows up at all. It seems to be an ongoing problem (after a spot of googling) - have to use the connecting cable and the dreadful image mixer software - was just hoping someone had found an easy way around the problem...
    Thanks again

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    Afraid my PC card reader does not see the mov files on the card. However
    after a trial of Sony Vegas Pro - Sony Vegas will download the files via the USB.

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