i hope im in the right forum
was wondering if anyone could help.
i have game play recorded on video cassette tape thru my vcr.i ran the xbox AV wires into the AV jacks of the vcr and pushed record.pretty easy.so at this point i have audio and video recorded of me playing xbox that i can see and hear when watching on my TV thru my VCR

now the problem i am having is trying to get it onto my computer hard drive.
i have tried a capture card with an S-video wire that has red white and yellow AV wires coming from it.

i ran the AV wires from the VCR to the s-video wire thats plugged in the capture card.
i can see my recording but i cannot hear it.and when i capture to the hard drive there is stil no sound. ???

is there something i must change like settings of the capture card or do i need more wires or different wires?

all help is appreciated