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    Me and my friend really like the Fallout games so we decided to start a short film series inspired by the game. It takes place on the west coast of the US instead of the east so we can make it seem however we wanted. But any feedback welcome, here is the storyline "about a wastelander who is tracking the slavers who took a loved one, along the way encountering raiders and such", this one was more of a test so the story isn't clear in the 2nd one though it is going to be drawn out a lot more.

    [ame=]YouTube - Fallout West: The Search Part 1 (Fallout 3 Short Film Series)[/ame]

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    Very nicely shot and put together. I'm personally not a fan of the over contrasted look but that's just my personal preference. It did look quite good for the type of video and story line. Which was leads me to my main problem with the video. The lack of story line for 7:37 mins I would have liked to of had more narrative to keep the interest up. I didn't have any emotional attachment to the characters.

    I don't know who was the goodie and who was the baddie.

    The other point I wanted to mention was the sound was well put together.

    Very well done.

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    thanks man, yeah i know what you mean about the storyline/characters, its definatly the weakest part, we're really trying to make it clearer in the second one, this was mainly to get some interest in it, now we're really going to concentrate on the story and motives of the main character

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