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    I have two PD170s and use a Rode VideoMic.

    During my first wedding I monitored the audio levels and tried to keep them in check, but after editing the footage on Sony Vegas and watching the finished product on CERTAIN televisions, there is a noticeable degradation in audio quality, especially during loud moments (such as the singing of the hymns). The audio in these circumstances is awfully distorted. I turned down the audio in Sony Vegas to no avail. As I said, this only happens on certain televisions, while on others (and including my computer) the audio is perfect.

    Any advice / solutions?

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    If the audio is perfect on your system then it must be poor audio systems on the other TV's most TV's don't have good audio there are some exceptions but most normal consumer TV's don't have good sound. That's why a lot of people get separate sound systems for their TV's.

    If you have reduced the sound on the higher volume recording I don't see what else you can do.

    That is if the recording is "perfect" as you say. I have heard that the Rode Video Mic is not that good but I take your word that it is fine.

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    I had a Rode mic (not the video one) , I found that it would distort the sound, when the audio exceeded a certain amount.
    Rode did not seem interested about it and blamed my camera (jvc5000dv). I tried it on a DSR250 and gort the same results
    Have got rid of it now and use a Sennheiser mic, much better (k6)

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    The audio is otherwise perfect because when viewing the footage on certain LCD TVs and on my computer, there is NO distortion whatsoever.

    But the fact that I am having this problem at all on certain TVs means that I should see about changing the Rhode Mic...

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Check your audio levels do not clip, this can casue it. Nees to be about -6db max

    use a Compressor on the audio to help you

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