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Thread: Quality camcorder with LANC required

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    Default Quality camcorder with LANC required

    Absolute newbie here

    I run a successful elevated photography business using Nikon still cameras

    I have just been asked to provide some elevated HD video for CCTV site surveys.

    Problems to overcome

    Camera needs remote control (80 ft above on pan and tilt head) Lanc control ?? need to control focus and zoom. And view images remotely.

    Camera needs x12 optical magnification

    Hi Def (1080 ) required

    Hi Def still capture required

    Needs to be light and compact.

    Have a budget of around 1000

    what are my options ? I have a leaning towards Sony but can be pushed towards any solution.



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    Look at the AG-HCK10G im not sure how near it is that you wanted but check it out anyway.
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    I'm not sure that you'll get all you require within your budget.
    You can probably get an extension for this: Specification - Sony HXR-MC1P MiniCam System (HXRMC1P) - Proactive
    or you can get a wireless type remote for it, but you are looking at twice your budget.
    An alternate would be to get a camera like the Canon HF200 and cobble some sort of remote together.
    Another alternative, along with the Canon or similar, is this: Sportsmoto Ltd GAUI 330X Quad-Flyer

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    Thanks for the replies so far

    Looks like my budget may be way off the mark.

    I am really impressed with the Panasonic system which does everything I need and with such quality, may have to talk to the bank manager !!

    The UAV option looks like fun ! Unfortunately in the UK you need to comply with all sorts of restrictions and permissions to fly these in a commercial mode.

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    well I finally went with the HCK 10 and HMR 10 recorder, blew the budget big time but have no regrets its superb, had it working remotely 20 metres above my head within minutes of turning it on.

    Only problem now is figuring how best to present this high quality to my customers.

    Thanks to all that replied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highcamera View Post
    T..The UAV option looks like fun..
    It does at first glance - but I saw this being demo'd on TV recently - the vibration from the rotors made the footage almost useless

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