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Thread: Ski Edit: Made with GoPro HD

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    Default Ski Edit: Made with GoPro HD

    Hey guys , new here but really want to learn more about serious video editing.

    I don't know if this is the type of things you guys would like but I'd like to show you and see what you think.

    I'd appreciate any criticism:

    [ame=]YouTube - Jack David Rapley: Season 2010, Avoriaz Promo[/ame]

    I used FCP and would love to have any tips you may have,


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    Overall i liked it, altho i don't get why you need to use a fisheye on a freaking mountain hahaha, like there's not enough room, and also i'd get rid of these zooms at start, would've been looking much nicer without them.

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    Thanks for the critiques guys.

    I've slowed some clips down but only to at 70%, the setting i'd had it on is only 30fps, so it gets kinda jumpy. There is a 60fps setting but it limits the wide angle lens to 120 rather than 170 degrees.

    Exposure can be a problem especially up in the mountains, if its very sunny it takes awhile for it to sort itself out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    the bits I personally don't like are the jump cuts between very similar shots, they break up the continuity (for me).
    Oddly - I disagree
    Deliberate jump cuts, cut to the music in "action" videos such as here have the effect of reminding us we are watching a film (ie we are taken "out" of the action back into the real world) as well as emphasizing the music.

    When one is telling a story, especially with drama, this is undesirable. However, in this instance, bringing us back to reality helps contrast real life with the "stunts" being performed - ie it emphasises the skill of the people in the film.

    I'm not suggesting there's a right and wrong, just the reason why I think it's appropriate in some cases.

    I should also add that I don't particularly like this sort of film, but th9is one kept my interest so it's certainly got something going for it.

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