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Thread: Help on music video clip

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    Unhappy Help on music video clip

    Hey guys, i am very new to the video editing.
    I have a music video clip on which someone is holding a photo frame and i want to be able to edit it by removing the picture from it and adding someone elses. Also i want to be able to cut some frames and add some photos in between.
    I was going to buy Final Cut Pro 7 BUT it takes way to much memory ( up to 52 GB ). Anyone knows any other program that can do this ?

    Thank you everyone in advance,

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    Forgot to mention, i have a Mac


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    Hi! I think you can use VisiCrop for this purpose.

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    Thank you, but that is only for "cropping" video nothing else :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuisDesigns View Post
    Thank you, but that is only for "cropping" video nothing else :(
    You need to do motion tracking with corner pinning. Since you use a Mac, I can't recommend a software.

    Here is a link to some sample templates on the Hollywood Camera Work site that show how it is done. Check out the example at the bottom of the web page.
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    Thank you for that.

    Anyone can help me out with this, i need a software that can help me do this video clip editing urgently:(

    Yes, i have a mac, surely there must be a software out there , no?

    Thanks again

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    Does the position or orientation of the "photo frame" change? Or does anything (e.g. fingers or hands) cover all or part of the area to be replaced?

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