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Thread: My music video for The Dukes - Oh So Charming

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    Default My music video for The Dukes - Oh So Charming


    This is the first video i have ever shot and edited. Im a music technology student and had to record these guys as part of my course. We also had to make a video for them and as we are not film students it wasnt that easy. I edited this in final cut pro. Hope you like it and please leave some comments about it. Cheers


    [ame=]YouTube - Oh So Charming Official Music Video[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviljames68 View Post

    This is the first video i have ever shot and edited.
    Really? It's excellent.

    You've clearly taken in what you've seen in other vids. You're not too scared to get in close and you have a good mix of shots. Editing is tidy. No overkill on stupid transitions. Nice mix of band playing and story background.

    Technically I thought the biggest problem was lighting: the limitations of shooting indoors are very apparent in that footage when compared with the very bright oiutdoors, and the outdoor shots, being shot on a very bright day could have benefitted from some reflectors to reduce the rather harsh shadow - but hell people don't start thinking about this sort of stuff until they've got many videos under their belts and learned many of the basics.

    Great job. Fantastic as a first effort - particularly if making vids is not your main interest. Help in no small amount by a catchy sound and a good looking lead singer who's extremely confident in playing to the camera.

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    The thing that really carries this video is the lead singer. He has a great voice and his personality comes across really well in the video. The song is also fresh and well delivered. Theses points can't are very important in this type of video. More so than the technical side in my humble opinion.

    I won't get into the technical errors as you say it was your first video and for that reason I commend you on what you did achieve in this piece.

    Ok that was the nice me now Mr Hyde has come out to play

    One thing I noticed that did bug me was the colour difference of the SG Style/lead guitar. Is it red or is it brown ? When you are shooting the shots of playing as a band try looking front and centre and not looking down at the guitars, remember you are not in the garage rehearsing you are shooting a video/doing a performance.

    I did like it. A good job by all, well done.

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    Great vid...also hella job if your first in FCP!

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