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Thread: On-road adventures (r/c car video)

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    Default On-road adventures (r/c car video)

    To start out i was with my brother and we like r/c cars (not wal-mart ones, hobby grade) it came to me that we should film a few and post them up on youtube we have 1 that is 2 weeks old now and wanted to see what you guys thought about it and what can be improve.

    I'm looking to see comments on how i should start out, take things out of the video, ect...

    I hope you enjoyed.

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    I love R/C cars but I have to say, 5 mins of it was just too much. It started nicely with a number of quick cuts but then just held for way too long on certain shots with the cars doing multiple drive-bys.

    Why not do something a bit more challenging, like the cars have to get somewhere and we follow them navigating obstacles and such. I dunno, I will PM you a link to a video I made ages ago with my r/c car, it might give you some ideas. I won't post it here as don't want to steal your thread.
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    I liked it. I thought the driving skills where very good. Did you really put the camera on top of one of the cars at the end !?

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    I tend to agree with Clay 9, though there was some neat driving skills on display. I thought the parts with the minis dragged after a great start. One thing you hinted at when it started was playing around with scale. The opening shot of the minis running past the camera looked great and as I didn't know what "r/c" meant I thought they were lifesize. Maybe those sort of trick shots are something you could mess with next?
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    Ya +1 on the scale...I think it would look cool if you had no discernible background...some close ups and fast cuts... As mentioned...the beginning almost fooled me...Good driving...

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    Gotta go with the concensus here. I must admit when I read the description I was not looking forward to this. Then I was pleasantly surprised. The opening section was great -for a while.

    Then the change of music. What's going on - eventually it becomes clear, but I think you should have jumped straight to the kill - the repetitive jumps in the video and in the music. Back to the original music which I preferred - but we're not really seeing anything new.

    On to the drift cars. Mainly this was not so good. You seemed to realise the problem - either get a wide enough shot to get the drifting in and it's an amateurish shot looking down on the cars and trying to follow them or its a good low down shot where you can't see the action.

    For me the shots that worked best in this section were the floor level ones where the car came to a stop in front of the camera in close-up and then went off again.

    Drifting footage with real cars doesn't interest me (though I do appreciate a lot of skill/control is required to do it) With models it is just pointless. I'd drop it.

    I agree entirely with Clay's post about taking them on a journey. Seing those mini's just puts me in mind of The Italian Job. Get away from the safety of your own road. Take us on a journey. Get the cars chasing/following each other. I can just see them going along the inside of a gas or water main (obviously not one with any gas or water in it) or other pipe, along a sidewalk (did I really say sidewalk?) dodging pedestrians, along the top of a wall, jumping electrical cables, down the skate/bmx park.

    Ideally wrap this up in a little story to give reason for the chase (I qyuite like the idea of the minis stealing something from one of the bigger cars (or otherwise causing the to be chased -then, of course for the final scene, they can escape through a hole in a fence or whatever which is too small for the larger car) whack some Fast & Furious music on it (with an occasional humerous, gentle break, maybe as they take a "ferry" (tea-tray) across a pond) and you could have a YT classic.

    There you go. I've virtually written a script for you.

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    Midnight i did put the camera at top of the car and it did fall.

    And tim thank you i think i will do a lot more planning next video because this was just i wanted to do 2 of my favorite things. rc cars and video editing. (plus shooting the video).

    I think i will write a script or something and post them up see what you guys think and keep getting suggestions.

    If weather allows i will try to make one more video by sunday because i'm busy for the week (free on weekends)

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    Ok guys a edited the same video for the whole day and i cam up with ON Road adventures REMIX. I think that it seems better. now its only 2:30 minutes so it wont let you get bored, better music, better editing, better video. I will have it up bye tonight.

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    Its up! Video quality will improve in a little bit. Comment!!!
    [ame=]YouTube - On Road adventures (REMIX)[/ame]

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    Yes this is a much better edit etc. One thing though, you took away one of my favourite shots, the opening when the cars are moving toward the camera and then peel off.

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