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    Do you wish you could make your videos as fun and interesting to watch as those you see on TV? Are you making the move to become a professional video editor?

    If you have a camera and are uploading videos to the web, find out how editing can make them stand out from the crowd, get noticed and impress all your friends! You could spend hundreds of dollars on books on the subject of editing, that contain a lot of info that, frankly, may not be helpful to you or tell you what you need to know out about editing. Most classes, which can cost hundreds of dollars each, only teach you how to operate the equipment. And the focus of most books and classes is on editing fictional films. EDITING REALITY is the only book I know of that addresses today's reality TV and web video market. Get tips from professional editors working in the field right now. Get the info you would learn if you were their intern or assistant. Over 100 pages of info you won't find all in one place anywhere else at any price.
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    EDITING REALITY - How To Edit Reality Like A Pro!

    Do you have what it takes to be a professional video editor? This e-book contains tips for editing students, assistant editors, editors who are just getting into the business of editing reality/documentary programs, or anyone wanting the basics of editing video like a pro. Featuring tips from the author and many other professional editors and producers in the reality TV and narrative film business. This book is meant to act as a surrogate mentor, giving you practical knowledge and advice from the pros on the aesthetics of editing, without having to wade through tons of theory, technical instruction, and other related info. Short, simple, sweet.
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    Here's what some of my readers had to say about EDITING REALITY:

    I really enjoyed reading your book. It's really great: very engaging, a strong very likeable voice running through it, easy to read, full of really interesting stuff, and very helpful too. I really liked the emphasis being on the role rather than the technology. i've read loads of books about editing and yours fills a gap that no one else is right now.b>

    Henry Thomas

    It's been a really great guide to me on this first TV gig of mine.'s information that I just couldn't have gotten in text-form anywhere else (unless I was talking with other editors), so as a "pocket" reference/inspiration, it's just great. I fire up that .pdf file almost every day when I get stuck on a problem...The biggest thing it has going for it is... your enthusiasm and authenticity... You have a lot of gold in there for sure Chaz.

    Kevin Co, Freelance producer/editor, Frontier Media Arts
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    Here are comments from my colleagues in the biz.

    “Don’t let the title fool you! Any editor who reads “Editing Reality” will benefit from the numerous, hard-earned lessons contained within. Very few books about editing deal with topics like “Editor As Artist” and “The Arc of the Story”. Through interviews with a number of top editors, “Editing Reality” provides a rare glimpse into the editor’s mind.”

    Chirstian Glawe - Freelance editor/compositor

    Overall I think it’s an excellent read – and it’s not only relevant to reality or documentary editing – my background is commercials and every key point is just as relevant!

    Editing is an art, and, like most arts, something that can only be learned to a certain point before natural ability overtakes, but you can certainly get every helping hand along the way and this is one big helping hand.

    Allison Moore - Editor, Al Moore Films

    As a "well-weathered" video editor (meaning: from the days of razor blade and oxide to the latest Avid and Quantel systems and software), I found this book to be both interesting and instructional. A great deal of the information found in this work comes directly from the professional editors in the field. The author ties each subject covered with anecdotal experiences and quotes from those who are most knowledgeable about editing: professional editors.

    Editing is, by the nature of the beast, a very personal art form; no two editors approach an edit job with the same eye and therefore each editor ends up with their personal vision embedded in the final result. Always. THAT is the point missing in most texts on the subject of editing. THAT is the point best discovered in the words shared in this book. A worthwhile read that encompasses the art as well as technique.

    Ron Bartlett

    Very thorough, covered every aspect of the editorial process.

    Mark Raudonis - V.P. Bunim-Murrary Productions in Los Angeles
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    With the insider tips you'll find in EDITING REALITY, your web videos will stand out from the crowd, or you will be able to feel confident stepping up to that first (or second) reality show editing gig and know what you need to know to keep it.
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    If you don't believe anything but your own eyes, click on the ER Sample page of my website to review the table of contents and the first chapter, which concludes with 8 pearls of wisdom to make you look good on the job.
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    EDITING REALITY is available as a PDF document e-book for a limited time only at the incredibly low price of just $10!

    To order, please visit my website at and click on the EDITING REALITY page.

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    You should apply some editing expertise to your ad's text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by worddigger View Post
    You should apply some editing expertise to your ad's text.
    If you'll take note of other web ad pages, they are much longer. I could make it shorter and include a link to the full ad (like most others do) but I like to do it this way. Perhaps this is better, perhaps not. But thanks for sharing!

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