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    Default Keychain Memories

    My final project for second year at Staffordshire University. Really pleased with the results! Many hours spent in Final Cut to get it as close to "right" as I could. I hope you guys enjoy it

    Shot on a Canon 550D/T2i, 25fps, 1080p.

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    Mixed feelings on this.

    I quite liked the concept - very similar to the trails they do for certain things on Channel 4 (I think).

    I did like all the "stories". You've captured them well - they sounded convincing to me. However the background sound was too high in the mix, making it difficult to hear the main speakers from time to time.

    They were sequenced well and the film was well paced.

    I'm not sure about the DOF - if it wasn't fake, it certainly looked it in places. The "focus pulls from the faces and to the keychains were OK but some shots just looked totally unnatural. For example the opening shot just looked like someone had blurred the left and right of te shots. Why do that at all?

    My other dislike is totally subjective: I did not like the jump cuts from faces holding the keychain to faces talking. I appreciate this was an artistic decision, but call me old school - I'd have preferred a cutawat (maybe close-up of the keychain) in between.

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    Cheers for the reply, Tim

    Yeah; the blur vignette around the edges was to add a certain style to the film. Half of me liked it, the other half wasn't so keen. It was done in post-production, mixed in with the pulls from the live shoot.

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    Generally I liked it. I agree with Tim about the Blur effect, I didn't the jump cuts either. Another thing was the sound balancing could have been better ie at the Beginning I could hardly hear what was being said and the volume of the Arsenal Fan was to loud. Also as Tim has already said the background noise was to loud.

    I liked the idea of the titles on the key rings but I could hardly read the first one held by the director.

    But like I said I still liked it even though it has a lot of faults.

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    Yeah agree somewhat with what the guys above said. A few of the refocusing shots (eg with Mark and Katie) were a bit too busy and not too easy on the eye. But overall I enjoyed it and the collection of characters you filmed.
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