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Thread: Encoding suggestions?

  1. Default Encoding suggestions?

    Hello all,
    I have an issue I'm currently dealing with and though it seems complicated to me, I'm wondering if there's a simple solution that I'm just not understanding. Here's the situation:

    I have a group of source files (720x480) that are letterboxed in different film aspects/ratios. (16:9, 2.35:1) The source files were captured in an AVI format and when I put one into GSpot, the following information is provided:

    File Length Correct
    DV Type 2 AVI
    AVI v1.0
    DV Audio/Video: 954 MB (94.92%)
    AVI Copy of DV Audio: 50.7 MB (5.05%)
    AVI Overhead: 298 KB (0.03%)

    Codec: PCM Audio
    Info:48000Hz 1536 kb/s tot (2 chnls)

    Codec: dvsd
    Name: DVC/DV Video
    KPBS: 28770
    Pics/s: 29.970
    Frames/s: 29.970
    Fields/s: 59.940
    pic (w x): 720x480
    sar: 1.500 (3:2)
    par: 0.889 (8:9)
    dar: 1.333 (4:3)

    I think that's all the relevant information.

    So what I have to do is take these source files, overlay text, add watermark, zoom/pan/crop, add additional treatment and export into correct frame size (i.e. wide=640x360) in as close to lossless as possible. These revamped files are then stored for batch processing at a later time.

    I've been told that I'm not able to do this using this particular "DV" codec, and the uncompressed option doesn't seem viable since it yields a much bigger file size and the source file is already compressed anyway. (again, this is from what I understand... I'm still somewhat new to all this.) So my question is, can anyone recommend a codec that will keep this as close to lossless as possible and keep the file sizes about the same?

    I'm currently using Sony Vegas to do all this. I wasn't sure if I should post in the Vegas forum or not since from what I understand, it's a codec issue. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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    If I properly understand what you want, you should be able to save it with the DV AVI codec that the original files are in. This will make the video "as lossless as possible". I don't know why you was told you couldn't do this.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I was told I wasn't able to render it with a custom frame size. When I select it as a render option in vegas, the frame size greys out to 720x480. I was thinking maybe it was a limitation of the codec? I need them all to be in different frame sizes to avoid letterboxing to make the batch processing easier. Does that make sense?


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    Yes,it can be a limitation of the format. In theory, you can output in any frame size you want with DV (and i have done using quicktime to render larger dimensions). In practice, applications limit to the format dimensions of SD, presumably as DV is a standard format.

    That said, my work flow is exactly the one Midnight highlighted. I render to DV first, and then use this as a backup and batch encode in a 3rd party application. I have set up various templates, which resize the video to various sizes and pixel aspecct ratios which avoid the dreaded black bars.
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    A slightly quicker work flow to do this is to select "NTSC SD YUV" in stead of NTSC DV then click on the custom button this will allow you to set custom sizes. I am presuming you are using Vegas Pro.

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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    I am using Vegas Pro 9.0d. I just tried the NTSC SD YUV (Codec: UYVY Name: UYVY (packed 4:2:2) and it still yields a file size quadruple what I'm after. When I drop it in GSpot, the kbps is 110479 whereas the dvsd codec is 28770. I'm guessing that's where my file size issue is? The one codec I've used that yields closest to the original is Huffyuv (59102kbps) though it's still double the size. Is that any good in your opinion? Are there any other codecs you guys are aware of I could try?

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    I don't see that you have much more options unless you want to go down the mpeg2 route which as I'm sure you are aware is a compressed format. It looks like you will have to follow Marc's advice if you really need smaller file sizes.

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    I was kind of worried about that. It seems like there really isn't a codec out there that can match the file size or bit rate of the dvsd codec and have a custom frame size. I wonder why?

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    Well it may just be that Sony Vegas has put the restrictions on to the codec in their program. If you look at other conversion programs this may not be the case. You would have to down load a couple to test.

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    Going back to the framesie, why do you want to crop at that particular stage?

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