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Thread: problem connecting monitor...

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    Default problem connecting monitor...

    I am about to start editing some movies for dvd, I have been advised that I should use a proper broadcast monitor to view the stuff I am editing, I bought a second hand broadcast monitor but I cannot figure out how to connect it to the pc, i have done searches on the web and see that i can use the camera to convert the signal from digital to analog but the s video connection on the camera doesnt match the one on the back of the monitor.
    the monitor has 3 different types of input (picture below,):i am not sure what the first type of input is, the second is vtr and the third is y/c input, as I understand it y/c is the same as s video but the s video out on my camera has 4 pins the input on the monitor has 7 pins. I do not have a vtr so cannot connect that way but if anyone has any ideas how else I can connect, I would really appreciate it.

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    Default I have found what I am looking for, but does anyone know....

    I have eventually managed to find the cable I need but the only place I can find is in the USA, does any one know somewhere in the UKwhere I might be able to get this cable?
    the cable in question is:

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    I couldn't find it in their printed catalogue, but it's worth giving Keene Electonics a call on 0870 990 9000 (24hr orderline) or by email on

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    Never used these, but they have a serious amount of cables in their database:

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