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    I hope someone in this forum can help me. I am not a video expert but I am a bit of a techie.

    I am trying to post a video on my site:
    Time Management Freebie #1
    There is no audio. But when I play the .mov file on my Mac in Quicktime it does have sound.

    I created it in Keynote, then imported it into iMovie. Then exported it to .mov. Then uploaded it to Amazon S3.

    Here's the location of the file:

    Can anyone shed any light on why there is no sound.
    Also, if you try to view the video via the direct amazon s3 link, it takes forever to download.

    Please help I am launching this product in a few days...Thanks Tracy

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    I get sound on it but no picture so I reckon we might be looking at a codec/quicktime setting problem.

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