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    Yes, I'm back with my next offering. It's not a usual Harrysfunzone Production. I wanted to try something new. Yes, call it arty farty, if you must! I do apologise for the content, I went to Tokyo and came back to Singapore and just knew I had to do something with all the photos and videos I took.

    I hope it has given you some sort of insight in Japan and Tokyo.


    P.S Please watch this in high definition. The picture looks blurry otherwise.

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    Wow, busy city.
    I like the chaotic shooting style, obviously it reflects the subject. Also the cuts to stills are quite fun and quirky!

    My tip would be maybe rather than have long shots moving and cropping in tight and going wide and panning all in one take... maybe cutting it up so that the frame changes as if you shot it in multiple takes. This just might make sequences seem a bit more quick-fire and give a better impression of movement and (lack of) time both of the subject and of the camera. IMO

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    It's too crowded there. I just like somewhere is peaceful and unique.
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    So nice quality images Harry. I think you captured the feel of the city.

    A few to many shaky camera shots for me though. Also watch out for the "hosing", panning the camera left then right and left and right. Speeding up of the shaky footage for me is a no no. It started to make my eyeballs shake out of there sockets.

    What was the block in the hat doing with the stick ?

    If I was going to give you a tip to avoid future errors I would say to you frame your shot keep the camera still and then press the record button. Then frame your next shot keep the camera still and then press the record button, like you would with a stills camera. I'm not saying don't ever pan or zoom just keep it to a minimum.

    This will make the editing step easier and the final product more professional looking.

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    I'm impressed with the quality of the images.

    Love your editing style on this one - I'm not saying it was a great edit throughout, but it was very stylised and the mixing of the sped up footage with the real-tim worked well to enhance the busy-busy feel. I'd have liked to have seen a few slo-mo shots as well (this can also emphasise the business). I didn't go a bundle on the inclusion of the stills.

    As for the shooting: I'm a bit less anti-hosing than Midnight here as I think you're going for a bit of confusion/random footage look, but I'm thoroughly in agreement with him about the zooming in and back out. It just looks bad (and, given the use of language, nowadays I don't mean that in a good way )

    My biggest criticism was that all the shots were from chest/eye height. From someone as imaginitive as you Harry this is just plain boring! Get those imaginitive angles.

    Nevertheless, a good job and your titles are top-notch.

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