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Thread: Sony Vegas 9 Freezes

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    Exclamation Sony Vegas 9 Freezes

    So I have sony vegas from long time and I've never had a problems like this with it. Few weeks ago my sony vegas started freezing and after searching a little on google I found that on some PCs when running sony vegas a process named ErrorReportLauncher.exe launches and sometimes causes SV to freeze so I was always stopping the process after launching SV and I had no problems till yesterday when I launched SV I stoped the process but after 20 sec SV became not responding. I restarted and tried again but had the same results then I tried without stopping the ErrorReportLauncher.exe but it didn't work again. I haven't installed anything new to sony vegas or my whole PC for about 2 months and the freezing yesterday started when the new version news appeared.

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    try the roll back feature of windows, System Restore, and see if it gets better, this should help eliminate some items

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    Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't work. I actually just found where the problem was I have been keeping my printer connected to the PC and it has been making SV freeze for some strange reason

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