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    Hi there,

    Just wondering what piece of hardware i would need (im guessing some sort of visual mixer) in order to take what my camera is recording at an event, and have it live on a big screen (via a projector).

    I have no equipment just now - so would be hiring.

    Also, am i able to record at the same time as showing the live visual?

    many thanks,

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    You need a video sender on you camera and a receiver plugged into the projector if you want to move about or if distance or people tripping over leads is a problem, otherwise just a lead going from the camera to projector,that's it.
    You can still record what your shooting.

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    The best way is buying a new one. U can choose the one u like. Right?
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    hi there,

    thanks for the reply PK, can you point me in the direction of where i would buy one of these online?

    many thanks.

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