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    Hello, I just recently recorded some videos of me playing some Finger style Guitar songs.
    I wanted to upload them to Youtube but first I want to equalize the Audio. When I watch these videos in VLC changing EQ on the fly is easy but temporary and the presets sound great. What can I use to permanently equalize the audio on these vids so they naturally play equalized. What is the simplest program to use since this is really all I need to do.

    Thank you very much as i have been struggling with this for weeks now.

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    If this is a one-off, download and install a trial version of Sony Vegas. Just in case you decide to buy it after the 30 days free trial has expired, download one of teh Vegas Movie Studio versions or you'll be tempted to buy the Pro version.

    Vegas has excellent audio facilities, having started life as an audio package.

    There are plenty of useful audio FX included and you can add others (many free) if you want to expand your collection.

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    Thank you!

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